Pre-Trip RV Inspection Tips

Pre-Trip RV Inspection Tips

Nothing beats the feeling of enjoying a safe and exhilarating trip with your RV, particularly with your loved ones around. Whether you're just a weekend camper or a full-time travel enthusiast, you need to do some basic RV preparations before heading out. Let's take a look:

Check Your Power Supply
Your camper or RV is powered by a 12 or 120-volt system. The 12-volt system is powered by your car battery, while the 120-volt system is from an external source, such as a generator. However, the complication is that these two systems have different power connection requirements.

Different power receptacles have various amperage ratings. You need to have an RV plug adapter and extension cords to connect to the power supply, especially if the distance is too long to reach.

You don't want to use unreliable RV power cords, especially if you're using a 120-volt power source. Check and replace damaged electrical cords as they could cause a fire, electrocutions and short circuits. Also, consider carrying an extra RV adapter and cords to avoid getting caught in the dark.

Set Up A Water System
Access to fresh water is essential when traveling in a recreational vehicle, so a hose is an essential RVing piece of equipment. When purchasing a water hose, get one that states it's for drinking water. Then buy an RV-heated or a portable hose based on your traveling needs. 

Get Organized
The space in an RV is minimal. You need to think about the kids, their toys, cookware, kitchen goodies, and other accessories. This situation begs the question: where are you going to store all that? With the right storage equipment, you will realize that you have more than enough space for your RV life.

You can decide to go for magnetic cutlery strips, cabinet organizers, roll-up dish racks, or plastic grocery bags to save on space. Remember to carry along only what you need. You also need to check your RV's waste and ventilation systems. Finally, don't forget to replace faulty door hardware for your safety and that of your loved ones.



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