Tub/Shower Diverter Spout

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It is time to update your bathroom, and one of the best ways to start is by replacing your worn-out or corroded fixtures with one that is shiny and new. This diverter spout features an attractive chrome finish and quality mechanical parts that allow you to switch between tub and shower flows with one simple motion. Act quickly if your current diverter spout is leaking. Not only do those leaks drain your water resources, they could also lead to unsightly stains. Even if your old diverter is jammed, consider replacing it for a hassle-free bathing experience. Reclaim the relaxation you deserve in your recreational vehicle.

  • Fits virtually all 4 in. standard diverter faucets, both exposed or concealed
  • Non-metallic spout adds high dependability and strength
  • Suited for tubs in RVs and other applications
  • Chrome finish matches original equipment
  • Kit includes a fitted O-ring and set screw for installation
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Product L x W x H: 1.89 in. x 5.13 in. x 6.81 in.

California Warning