RV Waste Cap

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There are a few components on your recreational vehicle that are a top repair priority whenever they start to wear or fail. Your RV waste cap is certainly in this category. A functioning cap is important for containing and managing your wastewater until you come to a stop where you can unload. The Road & Home RV Waste Cap comes with a _ in. garden hose flush attachment with washer to flush out your sewer and gray water system easily and efficiently. When you get back out on the road, close up the cap and reseal the hose connection to contain the waste. This cap is the standard 3 in. size for RV waste systems. Do not run the risk of driving around with a broken waste system. Replace your faulty cap as soon as possible to eliminate odors, allow easier cleaning and preserve hygiene of your immediate environment.

  • Contains waste while on the road
  • 3 in. Waste connection cap for RV waste systems
  • Standard bayonet style connection ears
  • Complete ear-and-gasket sealing system
  • 3/4 in. Garden hose flush attachment with washer in
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Product L x W x H: 3 in. x 4.88 in. x 7.38 in.

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