Dual Shut-off Hose Y, Metal

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Use this metal hose dual shut-off Y to split a standard hose fixture into two independently controlled streams. Easily open or close the flow of water on either side using the twin shut-off valves. These durable valves double the functionality of your existing hose hookup for any number of potential applications. Are you tired of screwing and unscrewing hoses constantly throughout the duration of your stay at a campsite? Simply attach the park's water supply to one side of the adapter and your outlet to the other. You are free to access your external water source and refill your tank quickly and efficiently. Use it for all of your outdoor water needs around your RV and mobile home.

  • Standard garden hose threads connect directly to the standard hoses you already own
  • Use dual shut-off control to operate both hoses at once or run each individually
  • Quality construction and materials resist natural wear and tear
  • Intended for fresh water sources and standard RV plumbing
  • Outdoor use only
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty
Product L x W x H: 1.85 in. x 3.64 in. x 5.67 in.

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