Faucet Stem, Fits Phoenix® and Other Faucets

When your faucet drips or leaks around the handle, most time you can avoid the expense and hassle of replacing the entire faucet by replacing the faucet stem. This Road & Home™ Faucet Stem repairs most Phoenix® faucets which have a J style broach handle. This stem repairs either the hot or cold side. Purchase two to fully overhaul your faucet. Do not waste precious water from a dripping faucet. Repair it today!

  • Fits Phoenix® and other faucets
  • Can be used in repairing hot or cold valves in recreational vehicle and mobile home faucets
  • Made of durable plastics for corrosion resistance and durability
  • Fits faucets with standard J broach faucet handles
  • Reference #3J-9HC
  • Secure fit to prevent harmful and messy leaks during use
  • Easily removed and re-used with new hoses
  • RVP151
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty